Each year we spend many hours organizing the master schedule. All of our students received their 2017-18 school year schedule on May 3rd. We have created a schedule change policy to enable our students and families to understand how to change their student’s schedule.

Schedule changes will not be made based on lunch, period, or teacher preferences. Your schedule reflects what you signed up for during spring course selection.

Ø  Level changes do not begin until week 4 of the new school year. Students are expected to seek support from their teachers prior to a level change.

Ø   No elective course changes will be made after May 31st, 2019.

 Schedule Change Requests will only be available by May 31st.

 Forms will only be accepted after this day for the following reasons:

  1. The student has already successfully completed the course, for example, in summer school.
  2. There is a duplicate course on the schedule.
  3. The course is needed to fulfill a graduation requirement.
  4. The student has been placed in an incorrect level of the course.
  5. The student is scheduled incorrectly as a result of inadequate or erroneous information.

Please submit the completed Schedule Change Request form to your counselor for consideration.