HSA Houston High FTC robotics team going to World Championship and got 1st Place Robot Performance(Highest score in Robot Game) during FTC SE Texas Regional Championship at San Jacinto College.

    HSA Houston High FTC robotics team “Momentum” has qualified to participate in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) World Championship in Houston, TX from April 17-April 20 at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  We want to invite you to watch the game.

   The team started the journey in January when they won the league championship and advanced to the Southeast Texas Regional Championship where they made it to the finals.

   Momentum FTC Robotics is a Harmony Houston High team that is dedicated to inspiring students to follow careers in STEM through the fun and engaging FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition. FTC stands for First Tech Challenge and provides an opportunity for students to explore their interests in the world of STEM!

  Students are guided by Coach Seref Yagli and develop engineering, innovation, and communication skills as they use a robotics kit that can be reused and programmed in a variety of ways to inspire creativity.

   Participants can explore their interests in the world of STEM as they gain educational achievements and place in competitions! Through this exciting and enlightening program, students can develop skills that will help them in their future professional lives. The outcomes of this program can be related to 21st Century Work Skills.

   “FIRST Championship Houston in April, more than 70,000 people from around the world – plus 1,300 robots – will travel to Houston and Detroit to celebrate inspiring young innovators, leaders, and changemakers at the 2019 FIRST®Championship presented by Qualcomm® Incorporated. Join us to experience something extraordinary – and we do not mean the robots.” FIRST Championship Houston – April 17-20, 2019

The list down below are the students that participated in this years SE TX Championship.
1 Robert Pallen 9
2 Furkan Tasdelen 11
3 Gustavo Buenrostro 9
4 Alejandro Galvez 9
5 Korey Lee 10
6 Anthony Martinez 10
7 Tahah Moazzam 10
8 Anosha Dhakwala- (EA) 10
9 Emir Velic 10
10 David Gomez 10
11 Joelly Cortes 10
12 Tahab Moazzam 9

Go Momentum FTC!

Congratulations to all team Members! Go #Momemtum #10056 #Robotics