During the second semester, School counselors will meet individually with each student to finalize their courses for the next school year.  Below are steps students can take as they are going through the course selection process. Steps include what you can do before the individual meeting with your counselor, what will happen during the meeting with the counselor, and what would you do if you wanted to appeal for an upper level course after the meeting.

Steps for Course Selection:

Step 1: Review course offerings. Review course eligibility for Upper Level Courses and Lab
– Please review Course Catalog for course offerings and course details
– You can find Upper Course Level Eligibility and Lab Placement/Exemptions on pages 24-28 in
the Course Catalog.

Step 2: Set up a course selection meeting with your counselor!

*8 th Grade parents, please call the High School front office to schedule an appointment today.

Step 3: During the Meeting:
Select your courses with your counselor.
– Update Personal Graduation Plan for next year’s courses
– If dual credit courses is selected for next school year, please take the Approval Dual credit Paperwork
– Receive Automatic Admission Form from Counselor- Requires Counselor, Parents, and Student Signature
Step 4: Appeal Honors/AP/Dual Credit Courses if needed
 If you need to appeal any Honors/AP/Dual Credit courses, please talk to your counselor and fill
out the “AP/Dual Credit/Honors Course (s) Appeal Form”