Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

Please check this link for the final week schedule:

Starting this Friday, 12/11/2020 all students will have a Finals Week with the following adjusted schedule.
On Friday 12/11, Monday 12/14, Tuesday 12/15: all students have 1 morning period (9am-12pm) and 1 afternoon period (1pm-4pm) (core- and AP classes)

* During the 3-hour morning/afternoon classes, students will take the interim assessment, district assessment or MOCK AP test
* In your Schoology account you can see when you are taking which test per class
* You will take the final exams/tests with your regular teacher, online, use the class zoom link
* You will be monitored through GoGuardian. If you don’t have GoGuardian, you will be in a breakout room, you will share your screen, video, and audio.
* On Friday, Monday, Tuesday the elective/PTLW/CTE classes are canceled. If you have an extra off period, you have to use this to do prepare for the classes with a final exam or do make-up work for your classes. The 2nd Quarter Grading Period ends on Friday, December 18th!

Please make sure you check your Schoology account during Finals week to see which class/test you are taking that day
The final exam/tests are an important tool to see if you are on track in your class. The results will be used to see who needs extra help or tutorials to be ready for the STAAR tests / AP exams in the Spring.

Please contact your teacher or me if you have any questions about the finals week.

Thank you,

Mrs. Kerkhofs, Testing Coordinator