Enjoy your Summer Holiday

It’s the last day for many of our students across the state! We hope you had a wonderful year, and have a fun summer. See you soon!

AP Summer Assignments and Syllabus 2018-2019

AP Biology Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Calculus Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Chemistry Assignment and Syllasbus Link
AP Computer Science Principles Link Assignment
AP Computer Science Assignment and syllabus
AP English Language Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP English Literature Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP French Language Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Humman Geography Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Physics1 Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Psychology Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Spanish Language Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Spanish Literature Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Statistics Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP Studio ART Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP US Government Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP US History Assignment and Syllabus Link
AP World History Assignment and Syllabus Link

Dear Parents/Guardians

Please mark your calendars now to ensure that your child is present for the June retest date(s). Please note the STAAR End of Course Testing Schedule for Summer 2018: We’re asking all students to report to campus no later than 8:30 and bring lunch with them because lunch will not be served.

As always, in the event you have any questions please email me your questions and concerns:

Schedule Change Request

Each year we spend many hours organizing the master schedule. All of our students received their 2018-19 school year schedule on May 7th. We have created a schedule change policy to enable our students and families to understand how to change their student’s schedule.

Schedule changes will not be made based on lunch, period, or teacher preferences. Your schedule reflects what you signed up for during spring course selection.

Ø Level changes do not begin until week 4 of the new school year. Students are expected to seek support from their teachers prior to a level change.

Ø No elective course changes will be made after June 1, 2018.

Schedule Change Requests will only be available by June 1st.

Forms will only be accepted after this day for the following reasons:

1. The student has already successfully completed the course, for example, in summer school.

2. There is a duplicate course on the schedule.

3. The course is needed to fulfill a graduation requirement.

4. The student has been placed in an incorrect level of the course.

5. The student is scheduled incorrectly as a result of the inadequate or erroneous information.

The Schedule 2018-2019 link

Please submit completed Schedule Change Request form to your counselor for consideration.

2018 High School Summer Program (9-12)

Cinco De Mayo Festival Event

Would you like to perform for the on May 25th?
We are accepting dedicated participants who are willing to learn Norteno-cumbia and bachata dances.
Auditions will be held in Room 101 on Friday, April 20th at 3:30 pm. Contact Sarai Rosales to join.

STAAR EOC, School Day SAT, & AP Exams dates

Dear Parents and or Guardians,

Please note that the STAAR EOC, School Day SAT, & AP Exams dates are:

April 10, 2018- English I & School Day SAT
April 12, 2018- English II
May 7, 2018 – May 18, 2018- AP Exams
May 8, 2018- Biology
May 9, 2018- Algebra I
May 10, 2018- U.S. History

Skyward Mobile App is now available!

Dear Parents/Guardians,


 We are pleased to announce that the Skyward Mobile App for parents is now available to download from the Apple or Google App Store for smartphone and tablet devices.

You will now have access to your child’s student information while on the move.  Mobile versions of Family access and Student access will keep you fully informed, with immediate access to alert information, schedules grades and more.

Please see the instructions attached at this link: (attach the pdf file link here or embed PDF into the article)


If you need assistance with your login information, please reach out to us at 713-640-5581


Skyward Set-up Guide Link


Dear Juniors,


As we announced before, We are going to have 3 practice exams on Saturdays to help you to prepare for the Actual SAT that you will take on April 10th at school.

To increase the participation, we decided to give free transportation to Six Flags trip to students who will attend all of the exams. By attending the tests students can save around $20 from the cost of the trip.

The tests will start at 9 am and end around 1pm. We will be using Mr. Gulle’s room (241)

Here are the dates,

March 24thSaturday

March 31thSaturday and

April 7th, Saturday

Please go to the following link and do the RSVP by Friday, March 23rd.


Please come and take the advantage of the practices.




Invitation to the Annual Language and Culture Competition

Please Join Us!

Please Join Us!

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We are proud to announce and invite you and your family to join us for the annual language and culture competition final.
Students will perform in singing, poetry, and folk dance…

Annual Language & Culture Competition

Monday, March 5th 2018 | 1:00PM
Multipurpose Room

Harmony Public Schools – Central Office
9321 W Sam Houston Pkwy S
Houston, TX 77099

Student Survey

To take the survey click to read more > Link below.

Click the link below.

Lottery Information 02/20/2018 at 5:00 PM

Houston(North, South, West)  February 20th at 5:00 pm Houston Central Office / Multipurpose Room (Notary Public will be provided by CO)

  • A representative from each campus must attend the live lottery.
  • A notary public is needed at the live lottery to sign the official lottery results and statements.

Pre-AP Letter to Parents

We would like to inform you of a few changes to the labelling of “Pre-AP” courses.  According to the College Board, there are new requirements for calling a course “Pre-AP.”  These requirements can be found in detail here (, but in summation Harmony Public Schools will be changing the titles of all courses formerly designated “Pre-AP” to “Honors.”


  • Will this affect my GPA?


    • No.  Courses will still carry the same weights.



  • Will the content of the class change?


    • No.  All course content will remain the same as when it was called “Pre-AP;” it is only the name of the course that is changing.



  • Will the name “Pre-AP” ever return?


    • Yes.  The title of “Pre-AP” will return to courses within the next few years, beginning with 9th and 10th grade English, as we work to transition to College Board’s new requirements.



  • Why is this happening?


    • College Board is attempting to further align and trademark the AP/Pre-AP brand, and therefore no school can call a course “Pre-AP” until they have fully implemented the new changes.  This is a process that will take time, but which will NOT affect the content of courses as they are currently.



  • I’m still concerned; where can I find more information?


    • College Board website (link above)
    • Campus Administration
    • Pre-AP/AP Teachers



Harmony Public Schools



Estimados Padres y Tutores,


Queremos informarles de unos cambios a los nombres de nuestros cursos llamados “Pre-Ap”. De acuerdo con College Board, hay nuevos requisitos para poder llamar a un curso “Pre-Ap”. Estos requisitos pueden ser encontrados en detalle en: (  Como resultado de estos cambios, Harmony Public Schools estará cambiando los títulos de todos los cursos antes llamados “Pre-Ap” a “Honors”.

Preguntas frecuentes:

¿Afectará mi GPA este cambio?

No, los cursos seguirán teniendo el mismo valor académico.


¿Cambiará el contenido de la clase?

No, todo el contenido seguirá siendo el mismo como cuando se llamaba “Pre-Ap”, es simplemente el nombre del curso el que cambiará.


¿Volverá el titulo “Pre-Ap”?

Si, El título “Pre-Ap” volverá a los cursos en los próximos años, comenzando con los grados 9 y 10.  Mientras estamos trabajando en la transición a los nuevos requisitos de College Board.


¿Por qué está sucediendo este cambio?

College Board está intentando alinear y registrar la marca de AP/Pre-Ap, por lo tanto, ninguna escuela puede llamar un curso “Pre-Ap” hasta que se hayan implementado completamente los nuevos cambios. Esto es un proceso que tomará tiempo, pero que NO afectará el contenido de los cursos tal como son actualmente.


Todavía estoy preocupado, ¿dónde puedo encontrar más información?

Sitio Web de College Board

Administracion del campus

Maestros Pre-Ap/AP



Harmony Public Schools

TEA school report

Click on the Link: HSA Houston School Report Card (more…)

Dear HSA High Families

In order to recover time lost to school closures for inclement weather this month, Monday, February 19th, 2018, which was formerly noted as a Student/Staff holiday on our school calendar, will now be a regular school day to make up for lost instructional time.

Additionally, in order to recover lost school time from earlier school closings due to the hurricane and water outage in the building, we will build ten additional minutes into our school day beginning Monday, February 5th. Please note that our new school scheduled time for students is 8:00 a. m. until 3:20 p. m. daily until the end of the school year, or pending further notification.

Thank you,

HSA High Administration

Estimados padres,

para recuperar el tiempo perdido por los cierres de escuela este mes, el Lunes, 19 de Febrero, 2018, que fue anotado como dia de descanso en nuestro calendario de escuela, ahora sera un dia regular de escuela para recuperar para el tiempo perdido de escuela.

En adicion, para recuperar el tiempo perdido de escuela debido a los cierres por el huracan y perdida de agua en nuestro edificio, habra diez minutos adicionales en los dias de escuela, empezando este Lunes, 5 de Febrero, 2018. Por favor toman en cuenta que el nuevo horario de alumnos sera de las 8:00 am hasta las 3:20 pm diariamente hasta el fin del ano, o hasta notificacion pendiente.


Administracion de HSA High

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