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AP Summer Assignments for 2020-21 School Year

AP courses offer students college-level work while in high school. The College Board has created course guides that may include prerequisites, extended reading, or learning beyond the scope of the school-day curriculum. To support the learning frameworks, some courses require students to complete a summer assignment. The type and scope of the assignment will vary […]

Summer Reading Assignments

Dear Parents/Guardians, As we come to the close of another school year, summer reading becomes a very important topic of discussion at Harmony Science Academy Houston. You can find the High School suggested summer reading list below along with the summer reading assignment. On-Level Summer Reading Assignment Honors Summer Reading Assignment Please encourage your children […]

TEA Optional Diagnostic End of Year test

Dear Parents and Students, TEA offers a free tool (End of Year diagnostic test) to see how much your student has learned this year for English 1+2, Algebra, Biology and US History. Please visit the website for more detailed information: https://tea.texas.gov/about-tea/news-and-multimedia/news-releases/news-2020/tea-offers-free-tool-to-parents-and-schools-to-diagnose-how-much-their-students-learned-this-year-and-to-help-educators-plan-for-the-covid-slide Parents can register for this diagnostic test from May 12th to June 8th, 2020!

‘Healthy Minds’ Support Services for Students

Dear Harmony Families, During this time of uncertainty, we want you to know that we are still here for your students. If your student is experiencing anxiety or feels that they need someone to talk to, our counselors are available to help. To learn more about the support your Harmony counselors can provide, schedule a […]

2020-2021 Campus Improvement Plan Zoom Meeting

DEAR PARENTS: You are cordially invited to attend the HARMONY SCIENCE ACADEMY HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Campus Improvement Plan Zoom Meeting   Thursday, April 16th, 2020 3:00-4:00pm Zoom Meeting, please email: ikerkhofs@harmonytx.org if you would like an invitation Goal/Purpose: Evaluation 2019-2020 CIP and Development 2020-2021 CIP Agenda: Purpose of CIP Review of Campus Comprehensive Needs […]

Harmony Public Schools Distance Learning Grading Guidelines

This guideline includes details of the grading practices Harmony will implement during at-home learning. Harmony’s main focus during these historic times is on the continuance of the learning process for our students, not on the grading of assignments. Best formative practices are promoted to include timely feedback, multiple opportunities, and additional time to ensure mastery […]

Live Office Hour Schedule

Dear Students and Parents, You can see all live office hour schedule from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Cpz6-XPWyMOgGyhlRpwJLwaCf4BKd92/view?usp=sharing Virtual class information will be posted on each teachers’ google classroom and we don’t share recurring meeting information due to security reasons. Please check the google classrooms every day!

Parent Guide Google Classroom Webinar / Qué es Google Classroom

Harmony At-Home Learning Webinars  for Parents Harmony Public Schools will utilize Google G-Suite platform to provide learning plans for students during extended school closures. Students will sign in to my.harmonytx portal to reach integrated software and google classrooms on Chromebooks or other devices. Students without computers or access to the internet at home should contact […]

Distance Learning Information / Información de aprendizaje a distancia

Dear Students/Parents, This week, we started the first phase of our distance learning program, the learning packets. Remember to complete your learning packets and return once classes resume. The next phase begins on Monday, March 30, 2020. Students and teachers will go online for a comprehensive digital learning experience that includes elements of independent learning, video-based lessons, and a variety […]

Short Technology Survey (1-min)

Dear Parents, We are working hard to identify every student’s need before we switch to online learning. We are currently distributing Chromebooks to meet your electronic device needs. However, we are also interested in learning about your internet access at home. Please help us to determine what supports we can provide you by taking this […]

Free Meal Pick-up Mondays & Thursdays

Dear All, Free meal pick-up dates have been changed starting March 30th, Monday and You can pick up lunch and breakfast for multiple days. Drive through Breakfast/ lunch Available Starting:  March 30th Mondays & Thursdays from 11 am-1 pm Address: 9421 W Sam Houston Pkwy S. Houston, TX 77099  


Dear Students and Parents, Harmony Public Schools campuses are closed until April 6th! Our goal is to maximize learning during this time and keep our students engaged. Our curriculum directors have prepared two-week self-study modules for our students. Students are asked to complete the work and submit to their teachers when they return to campus. Harmony Science […]