2021 AP Digital Exam Information

Students can take their AP tests on a laptop or desktop computer (Mac, Windows, or school-managed Chromebooks) after they complete their exam setup on their computer, 1–3 days before the exam.  You can not share your computer with another student and you have to use the same electronic device you completed the exam setup

Chromebooks: Only school-managed Chromebooks can be used for testing; you cannot use a personal Chromebook or a tablet (IPAD/ Kindle/ Samsung) or phone.

**If you have a personal Chromebook or tablet (such as an IPAD or Kindle) that you typically use and do not have access to another device, please communicate with Ariel Maravilla(amaravilla@harmonytx.org) check out a school-managed Chromebook.

** If you prefer to take the online AP exam in school, please fill out this form so we can make the arrangements for you:

Four Steps You Must Take Before You Can Test

Step 1 | Now | Download and Install the Digital Testing App and Log In—Students using school-managed Chromebooks will have access to the app by May 7th.

Step 2 | As Soon as Possible | Practice with Example Questions in the Digital Testing App

Step 3 | 1–3 Days Before Exam Day | Complete Exam Setup for Each Digital Exam—Please have your students mark their calendar to complete this step.

Step 4 | 30 Minutes Before the Exam | Check-In to the Exam

Link to Exam Schedule:


Video Link:  2021 Digital Exam Overview


Link to Four Steps You Must Take Before You Can Test:


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How to submit makeup AP Digital exam requests